Leaders must be chameleons

It is said In today‚Äôs world, having one particular management or leadership style is probably not the answer. Leaders must be chameleons, adjusting their personal style to the individuals that they manage, in order to get the best out of each. Be adaptive The best managers adapt their behaviour to the needs of the people […]

10 Key Attributes for… Successful Leaders.

Do you strive to be a successful leader? After years of working with a huge variety of leaders and managers, here are the 10 key attributes that make a successful leader: They have a clear vision of where they want the Organisation to be, and the main steps needed to get there. They know what […]

20 Top Tips to… Motivating Others.

Set clear, reasonably high, but attainable goals. Be sure that people understand and accept the goals. Involve people in formulating goals. Ask for their ideas and suggestions. Assure people that you rely on them and have confidence in them. Back your people up where necessary, especially in front of others. Recognise differences. Do not insist […]