20 Top Tips to… Motivating Others.

  1. Set clear, reasonably high, but attainable goals.
  2. Be sure that people understand and accept the goals.
  3. Involve people in formulating goals. Ask for their ideas and suggestions.
  4. Assure people that you rely on them and have confidence in them.
  5. Back your people up where necessary, especially in front of others.
  6. Recognise differences. Do not insist that people “do it as you would do it”.
  7. Show a genuine interest in people, not just in their work and performance.
  8. Relate the results you seek to their aspirations and their future careers.
  9. Develop a culture where work is oriented around results, not tasks.
  10. Make sure people know how their work contributes to the broader picture.
  11. Give deserved praise and recognition for both achievement and effort.
  12. Get people to plan, aiming for specific and measurable objectives.
  13. Help people to achieve a conviction that they are accepted and approved.
  14. Make sure they know the value and implications of the good work they do.
  15. Keep them informed on progress made by the Organisation.
  16. Listen to their problems, ideas, and grievances without rushing to judge.
  17. Never neglect, ignore or forget them.
  18. Make a real effort to understand what really motivates them.
  19. Whenever they present problems to you, ask for their preferred solution first.


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