Leadership & Management Training (Virtual and Face to Face)

A three-part programme that helps you manage and work more effectively

You need effective staff to have a profitable business. Our most popular training programme equips employees with the skills, knowledge and attitude to:

  • Manage and understand themselves
  • Manage and develop effective relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Manage key tasks and the whole business

Each session is focused on one of the above ‘core development areas’. Employees at all levels of a business or organisation can benefit from our expertise in people development.

We will provide new knowledge, behaviour and skills, improving efficiency, productivity and overall professional achievement. The learning outcomes will be aligned to agreed personal and organisational objectives.

The sessions are practical and interactive, with lots of opportunity on the day to reflect, discuss and contextualise how trainees will use this new learning back in the workplace.

We can develop your staff in this focused, yet relaxed three-session course.

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Case Study

How we helped Wake Smith Solicitors

The team at Wake Smith Solicitors, based in Sheffield, took part in BSA’s Leadership and Management Training. They contacted BSA to provide support for their current and aspiring Managers from across the business. They were keen to provide new knowledge, behaviour and skills to help their Managers to understand and manage themselves better; motivate, coach and inspire their respective teams and to manage their workload, problem solve and make those everyday tough decisions.

Suzanne Porter, Private Client Head of Department at Wake Smith Solicitors, said of her experience:

The course definitely helps you to learn about yourself and your personal character traits. It helped our team to build awareness of how we naturally respond to things and how we might be able to change our responses to different situations.

It’s allowed me to reflect a lot more on how I manage and prioritise my own time, as well as how I delegate.

One important thing the course has prompted me to do is to go away and compliment my colleagues more. In the past our receptionists have said they feel people don’t really notice the hard work they put in working with clients, and how valuable their input is.

Now, as a result of the course, I think we all realise how important it is recognise what other people do and how they enable others to achieve client satisfaction and deliver good service.

I think overall the course has really made people feel better about themselves and the work they do.

Prior to the training, some of our team thought that it wasn’t really necessary for them. But afterwards they were really waxing lyrical about it.

Compared to other management training I’ve been on before, this course blew all others out of the water.

Everyone who attended the course from our team fed back on how exceptional Bobby was as a presenter. He’s just so engaging and really gets you on board by grabbing your interest from the start. It’s the way he is as an individual that gets people who would normally sit in the background to come to the front and get involved.

I would do more than recommend Bobby’s course. I would say you need this gentleman to come along and meet your team, and to go through his process, because it’s been invaluable to my team and our development.