10 Key Attributes for… Successful Leaders.

Do you strive to be a successful leader? After years of working with a huge variety of leaders and managers, here are the 10 key attributes that make a successful leader:

  1. They have a clear vision of where they want the Organisation to be, and the main steps needed to get there.
  2. They know what they can expect from their people, and their people know what is expected from them.
  3. They maintain an effective information and control system to keep themselves and their people on target.
  4. They motivate their people such that they become largely self-motivated.
  5. They maintain balance – not focusing to much attention on some areas and too little on others, but always having their eye on the ‘big picture’.
  6. They ensure that their key people are trained in planning, organising, communications and human relations skills.
  7. They have learned how to make effective decisions and to get those decisions translated into profitable action.
  8. They have a sense of urgency, and do not put off to tomorrow that which could be done today.
  9. They understand the necessity to develop their people, encouraging initiative and some risk taking.
  10. By their own actions and behaviour, they win the respect of others and set an example to their people.

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