We can’t go on meeting like this

You probably spend a lot of your time in meetings (virtual and face to face). There may be many tasks you would like to get on with, but find you have to postpone because of the time you must spend in meetings. There is a fair chance that for at least some of the meetings […]

Body Language – what am I not saying

Body language often signals covert thoughts to others, often unintentionally and even unwittingly. To interpret someone else’s body language accurately however, be sure to factor on the full cluster of signals you receive, the other person’s habitual postures and even the context of the situation. For example, crossed legs may suggest some form of disagreement […]

Communication – Received and Understood

We communicate with people every day. We write, we talk, and we listen. All are important, but of these three, listening is the one we often find the most difficult to do well. How we listen can have more influence on how other people perceive us than anything else. This is because listening demonstrates how […]

It’s about time!

YESTERDAY is in the bank. Smile and forget it. TOMORROW is a promissory note. Don’t count on it. TODAY is ready cash. Use it! 30 techniques to manage your time effectively Do a Time Log now and then – see where your time goes. Prepare ‘To Do Lists’ at the end of the day. Keep […]

BSA Training delivers bright ideas to Sunny Bright Day Nursery

Sunny Bright Day Nursery is a Outstanding Nursery providing  a welcoming child orientated environment where practitioners support children on their journey to becoming independent learners. As a HighScope Quality Assured setting, the nursery continuously works to thrive, and be the best that they can be. After a change in dynamics when one of the Deputy […]

BSA Training work with E1EW

E1EW specialises in recruitment across a range of sectors, and has offices based in Doncaster, Darlington and Peterborough. The company approached BSA to support them with staff development. A one-off course turned into a long-term relationship. Director Lisa Graham, said: We first brought Bobby on board to run a standalone piece of training over two […]

People development takes centre stage at Sheffield Theatres

Sheffield Theatres is in the business of creating exceptional experiences for its audiences. Key to its success is empowering employees to channel their passion into delivering these outstanding events. Working alongside BSA Training, Sheffield Theatres has provided a training and development programme for its managers over the past three months. Sheffield Theatres is the largest […]