BSA Training work with E1EW

E1EW specialises in recruitment across a range of sectors, and has offices based in Doncaster, Darlington and Peterborough. The company approached BSA to support them with staff development. A one-off course turned into a long-term relationship.

Director Lisa Graham, said:

We first brought Bobby on board to run a standalone piece of training over two days, but what he did was so successful, we asked him to run regular sessions with our team every few months.

What really impressed us about Bobby was how he wasn’t just offering us generic training. He really takes on board our briefs and builds us a tailored programme that focuses on our business needs.

We look at things like team building, time management, referring techniques and the specific challenges of working within sales. Bobby has had a really varied career and has a wealth of experience, so he’s got the empathy needed to put himself in our shoes.

The tools Bobby teaches are so well used – our team are out putting them into practice straight away.

Bobby’s work is so much better than any other trainer I’ve come across. What is different about him is that he gets to know the business and the specific characters within in it, and because of that, everything he delivers is so bespoke to us and who we are as a company.

Bobby is so much more than a coach or a trainer – he’s a business advisor who really helps us to improve all aspects of what we do

Bobby is currently working with businesses in the Sheffield City Region on a local training funding initiative called SkillsBank. The scheme provides 70% funding towards training on topics like Leadership & Management, Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Team Development, Communication and Customer Care.

To find out more about the Skills Bank Funding and the BSA Training offer, visit


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