Addooco IT enlist BSA Training to help reward success with people development

Last year marked IT firm Addooco’s 10th year of trading, celebrating with the expansion of the team and its client base. One year on and the company has reported its most successful year to date, counting its prime Chesterfield location as one of its success factors.

Addooco provides technical services for businesses that haven’t got a dedicated in-house IT team. Their overarching objective is to realise value for their clients through technically superior digital strategies. With a rapidly growing base of clients, its clear this resonates with businesses in a broad range of industries.

Born in 2008 from a group of technically savvy people, Addooco saw the potential to create a business out of their skills. Over ten years later, the firm has rapidly grown and with the addition of new engineers, Addooco recognised the need to develop its people.

They enlisted the help of BSA Training (, an award-winning training provider dedicated to improving people and organisations. Run by trainer Bobby Singh, the business offers a multitude of courses such as Leadership & Management, Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Team Development, Communication and Customer Care.

Paul Walters of Addooco explains: “We needed someone with the capability to offer leadership training as well as coaching for our more junior staff members and employee surveys for staff at all levels.”

The training, led by Bobby Singh, covered a wide range of topics; including strategic planning, leadership, management, employee engagement, and giving and receiving feedback. “We have worked really hard to ensure our headquarters provides a comfortable working atmosphere,” says Paul. “It provided the perfect opportunity to reward our staff by investing in their transferable skills.”

Addooco’s strategically located base allows their engineers to physically service client requirements onsite where necessary from Newcastle to London in under two hours. Organisations both nationally and those with international operations benefit from their cloud solutions and digital strategies. Now, their clients are fully supported by a highly trained and physically available team.

Paul takes part in the leadership and management training himself and also helps facilitate the engineering workshops. “Bobby came highly recommended, but his previous experience and great programme of work were the deciding factors,” he explains. “His approach is very smart, friendly and approachable. He easily finds out what the challenge is even if you are struggling to articulate it.”

While Addooco has grown rapidly, it is an organisation that has always looked after its people while also focusing on customer requests. During his time working as an external consultant for the company, Bobby Singh recognised this. “From day one, Addooco have identified the importance of investing in its people. They don’t think of it as a cost to the business, but more about how it adds value to the bigger picture,” Bobby explains. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the team, they have been really receptive to the new learning, and I’m over the moon to hear they are happy with the training and the impact the training has had.”

As an approved provider of the Sheffield City Region Skills Bank (a local training funding initiative), BSA Training was able to help Addooco IT access 50% funding towards the cost of the training.  Bobby explains “We were able to sit down with Paul and understand where they were and where they wanted to be as a business.  We then designed a programme and helped them put together a funding application, demonstrating a strong business case.”

Addooco’s prime Chesterfield location, people development and technical superiority will be key drivers to success moving forwards. It is anticipated that the company will continue to invest in both its technical offering and their people to ensure their clients continue to enjoy a strategic advantage.

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