10 Golden rules to selling your ideas

For most leaders, the above applies. We will regularly have to sell an idea, in other words, trying to get someone else to do something we want them to do.

Internally perhaps we need sell an idea to our boss, a colleague, or one of our own staff. Externally we might need to sell our business, product or service to an existing or potential customer, partner or supplier.

The following steps, when followed in sequence, should help us sell our ideas most effectively.

  1. Be enthusiastic. If you’re not excited about your idea, how can you expect anyone else to be?
  2. Grab their attention, and do this quickly.
  3. Build some initial rapport. They are more likely to listen if they are relaxed.
  4. Introduce the Subject (not too much information) and gain their interested.
  5. Evoke their emotions (on what they want and need) giving them a reason to listen to you.
  6. Describe the present situation regarding the subject – Problems?
  7. Sell (not tell) the result and benefits that your idea will achieve.
  8. Outline the consequences of not taking up the idea.
  9. Test their reaction by asking questions.
  10. Get a commitment to action by agreeing the next step.

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