Improve Motivation and Morale in your Organisation

What is motivation ? It includes three common characteristics: It is concerned with what activates human behaviour. It involves what directs this behaviour toward a particular goal. It addresses the question of how this behaviour is sustained (supported). It is important to have a team that is motivated. It will lead to better productivity, lower […]

Taking Control of Your Stress Levels

Stress is caused by our brains reaction to what we are experiencing or perceiving. If we perceive a threat or have a shock, we can react by experiencing stress. A little stress can be good for you like sharpening your nerves before a big interview. But, what can we do when we are experiencing stress […]

Managing body language when presenting

A classic statistic for the effectiveness of spoken communications is from Albert Mehrabian. He suggests when communicating: 7 per cent of meaning is in the words that are spoken 38 per cent of meaning is paralinguistic (the way that the words are said) While a massive 55 per cent of meaning is in facial expression […]

Nine Steps to Effective Delegation

The further you progress in your organisation, the more likely you will find the need to delegate tasks. Delegation can be either a positive or negative experience for you and your staff, depending largely on how you manage it. Follow this nine-step plan for effective delegation and you’ll find the whole process much simpler: 1.Define […]

New Year Resolutions

Will you be setting yourself a New Year’s Resolution? “Do something different” is easy to say but difficult to do! Our respective employers and may be our clients often claim it wants us to be innovative and creative, but may not necessarily welcome the associated risks. In order to present new ideas and try new […]

How to boss working from home

Although this will be a challenge to many, there are actually lots of benefits to working remotely. It can increase productivity and reduce costs to the business. It provides staff with greater flexibility and job satisfaction. There’s no more commuting, so reduced costs and stress, and people have a better overall work-life balance. Since going […]

Is your Customer Service letting you down?

We all like to think we provide a good service. After all, you get the right products to the right customers, so that’s it, right? Wrong. Good customer service is about more than just fulfilling orders or completing a job. It’s about making sure your customers have the best possible experience of your business as […]

10 Questions to Help You Spot Your Strengths.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Most of us could quite easily list those aspects we need to improve on but we often forget to remind ourselves of our strengths which will help position us professionally. Here are our ‘top 10 questions’ to spotting your strengths: What are you naturally good at? What are you […]