BSA Training’s Coaching Offer

What it’s all about

BSA Training’s Coaching programme is about changing behaviours and attitudes to achieve desired results.

Your programme will be designed to develop and enhance your performance by addressing your individual requirements in a series of confidential six one-to-one sessions.

This is a powerful ‘action centred’ approach to coaching. You’re required to commit to a number of ‘action points’ to do something that will stretch yourself before the next session. The main gain from coaching is not what happens in the sessions, but what happens in the interim (normally two weeks).

The coach will ‘zero in’ on the challenges being faced and tailor the on-going project to the desired outcomes from the first session.

During the coaching sessions you and your coach will discuss your goals, the challenges you face and your performance as a leader. Together, you’ll analyse and identify the things you need to do and the possible approaches you may take. The style of these sessions will be exploratory, reflective, yet rigorous. For them to be really effective they also have to be confidential. Your coach will be open and frank with you, and you will get the most out of these sessions if you adopt the same attitude.

At the end of the programme your coach will hold a review with your sponsor who will be asked to comment on the changes he or she has seen. The coach will not, unless you have requested it, discuss the content of the sessions or any details of your conversations.