The Academy

As a fellow business, we understand that commissioning training can offer its challenges.

Whether it’s funding the training, inconvenient delivery times, taking staff away from their day job, and mostly, ensuring the training is ACTUALLY going to bring some benefit to the business and your employees.

But, having watched hundreds of businesses go from strength to strength, we also recognise the benefits of training for the individual and the organisation.

Our clients see increased productivity and adherence to quality standards, improved employee performance and consistency, a boost to employee engagement, improving employee attendance and turnover, reducing recruitment costs, upskilling employees to undertake a greater variety of work, developing skills within the business to respond effectively to changing circumstances, and staying ahead of the competition; the benefits are truly endless.

The Academy

BSA Training have considered all of the challenges businesses face when thinking about training, and developed a training package to respond to these. This package benefits from:

  • Delivery limited to 3 hours which means we minimise employees’ time away from the workplace. We will also deliver the training onsite and in small groups at your convenience
  • Bespoke dates, time and frequency of the sessions minimising any disruption to the business, particularly at busier times
  • On-site training delivery, with shorter sessions and only the content you require, keeping the costs as low as possible
  • Tailored training that takes into account the business’ strengths, challenges and opportunities to ensure the topics selected are relevant and the content is practical, with lots of opportunity on the day to reflect, discuss and contextualise how they will use this new learning in their roles
  • Branded training material and certificates with your company logos, colours
  • Flexibility in amending the content to meet the changing requirements of the group.  We see this as an iterative process; we will design the sessions informed by what came out of the previous session
  • Forward planning by producing action plans for each employee ensuring they are accountable for demonstrating what they have learned and the impact it has on their role
  • Fun and interactive workshop delivery that will cater to different learning styles
  • A training approach of empowerment that will elevate employees’ positions by asking their opinions and encouraging them to share good practice on when they have got it right and even when they have got it wrong.  We want participants to learn from both the facilitator and their fellow colleagues

How does it work?

We will deliver the sessions twice in a day (morning and afternoon) to groups of approximately 6 -10 people per session.  In collaboration with yourselves, we will design the training package, including the number of sessions and the chosen topics that make up your Academy, and agree suitable dates and times.

Here are some examples of the sessions we can deliver (this is not an exhaustive list and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any requirements you may have – we can be creative!)

  • Developing Good Managers into Great Leaders
  • Building and Developing Top Performing Teams
  • The Importance of Innovation – How to do Things Better, Faster, Cheaper
  • Customer Service Excellence – a Focus on the Customer
  • Creation and Delivery of Professional Presentations
  • How to Motivate and Inspire Others
  • Mastering Excellent Communication within Business
  • Understanding and Managing Yourself
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Improved Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Time Management and Meeting Management
  • Effective Negotiation – Making Better Deals
  • Winning Sales – How to Win New Business
  • Effective Delegation
  • Conducting Successful Appraisals
  • Improved Business Networking
  • Developing Effective Professional Relationshi


Would you like more information?

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