Business & People Impact Workshops

We offer delivery of short courses, either a half day or one full day in duration, to help participants develop new skills, knowledge and appropriate attitudes to support the achievement of personal and professional objections. These sessions are tailored entirely to the needs of the individual, group or business we are working with and often include topics such as:

  • Developing Good Managers into Great Leaders
  • Building and Developing Top Performing Teams
  • The Importance of Innovation – How to do things better, faster, cheaper
  • Customer Service Excellence – a Focus on the Customer
  • Creation and Delivery of Professional Presentations
  • How to Motivate and Inspire Others
  • Mastering Excellent Communication within Business
  • Understanding and Managing Yourself
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Improved Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Time Management and Meeting Management
  • Effective Negotiation – Making Better Deals
  • Winning Sales – How to Win New Business
  • Effective Delegation
  • Conducting Successful Appraisals
  • Improved Business Networking
  • Developing Effective Professional Relationships

Find out what some of our clients have said about BSA Training’s Business and People Impact Workshops: