Apprentice Development Programme

A six-part programme that turns apprentices into valued colleagues

Why is it important?

Millennials. Generation Z. Generation Sensible. No matter what young people get labelled, we think they always have energy, creativity and potential.

However, apprentices are usually new to the workplace, and often lack some of the key employability skills needed to be successful in a business.

Apprenticeships are a key priority on the government’s agenda. Our economy needs new entrants to the workforce to be equipped with the technical skills and knowledge that employers need to grow and compete in their industry.

BSA Training’s Apprenticeship Development Programme is designed to fill the gaps in their learning and prepare them for the working environment. The programme delivers key skills including:

  • Understanding their personal strengths, behavioural preferences and the benefits they can bring to the business
  • Developing professional working relationships with colleagues, managers & external stakeholders, and positively representing the business
  • Developing confidence and self-belief to move beyond their comfort-zone and the resilience to manage challenges and set-backs
  • Effective time management and forward planning
  • Developing interpersonal and communication skills and interacting with a diverse range of individuals

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Case Study

How we helped Shape Services, Doncaster

Steve Allenby is the director of a group of companies covering a wide range of specialisms, such as telecommunications, debt collection and labour recruitment.

I am also really passionate about creating high quality apprenticeships. I feel strongly that many apprenticeships these days do not give young people the grounding and broad view of life that they need to be successful in business.

I want our apprentices to feel valued, like they have good prospects and that their training here goes above and beyond what they’d receive in college.

Bobby has put together a very specific apprentice development programme for us, giving one-to-one support, and our apprentices have gained so much from it.

He has a very certain ability to put people at ease immediately. He is certainly one of the best trainers I’ve come across in my career.

I work really hard to ensure my companies are good places to work, where people feel valued and value working for us. Bobby’s work is a really important tool in making that happen.

The Apprentices also provided positive feedback on the Apprentice Development Programme

Apprentice Emily Padgett said:
This course has allowed me to learn about different people in a workplace and how to present myself in the best way. Bobby has been very helpful and shown me some amazing exercises to allow me to understand feelings in a work environment.

Apprentice Katie Allenby added:
Bobby was very welcoming and chatty which made it much easier to work through the sessions well and learn from the discussions we had.


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