Code of Practice

Bobby works within 5 key business values which illustrates our coaching approach.

  • Speed of response is vital to our operation. We value our speed of thought, so we can react quickly to (or pre-empt) our clients’ needs and wants. We value our speed of response and so make ourselves available during and after office hours via email, telephone, social media and in person.
  • We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, our associates and our staff. This means exceeding their expectations by delighting them with our accuracy, clarity and thoroughness as well as with our technical skills, knowledge and ’the way we do things’. We undertake CPD activity ensuring we continue to grow and provide the best support possible.
  • Our organisation must be approachable and user friendly for our clients, our associates and our staff. We aim to be open, warm, inclusive and sharing in order to establish and maintain long-term relationships that are based on trust and mutual benefit.
  • Common sense and integrity form the bedrock of our approach. We will ‘do the right things’, as well as ‘doing things right’. We adhere to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Code of Practice.
  • Innovation is our business and we will always look out for new and innovative ways of helping our clients to improve them and their businesses. We work with clients to understand and develop options for developing new services, new ways of operating, new people, new ideas.

It is the policy of the BSA Training to comply with best practice in all areas of the company’s activities and the full needs of all its clients. All such breaches will be regularly reviewed. This policy covers all aspects related to coaching, consultancy advice and training and applies to all BSA operations.

  1. The company will not accept any coaching assignment for which it is not fully qualified or where it is considered customers’ valid expectations may not be fully met.
  2. The full needs of customers will be explored in detail before any offer of coaching, consultancy or training is made. These needs will be regularly reviewed with the client during the course of a project and at its completion.
  3. The company will ensure that full and adequate resources are devoted to each coaching assignment undertaken in line with the specification of work contracted for.
  4. No project will be undertaken where there is a potential conflict of interest without first highlighting this potential conflict to, and obtaining written agreement to proceed from, all relevant parties.
  5. All matters not in the public domain relating to the confidentiality of clients’ operations and the operations of BSA will be fully respected and any proven breach may result in immediate dismissal from the company.
  6. No personal enticement or inducements will be made to any prospective client to win work, other than through the strengths of BSA’s corporate capabilities to perform this work to the highest possible standards.
  7. No approach with an offer of employment will be made knowingly by BSA to any client’s employees within one year of that client last having contracted with the company, save only where that client expressly agrees.
  8. All employees are required to comply with the relevant codes of conduct of their profession and any professional body which might govern these, and to comply with both the spirit and the letter of any legislation affecting their activities or the foreseeable consequences of their recommendations.
  9. Any complaint against the company or its employees must be registered for immediate review by a Project Manager. All complaints will be dealt with promptly and responsibly, and action taken to ensure no recurrence.