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Dealing with difficult people

Every now and then we all have to deal with people who send our blood pressure soaring, and who push our tolerance levels to the limit, if not beyond. If these people are work colleagues it can be even more difficult to cope, because we cannot often avoid contact with them. If not handled effectively, […]

5 Questions to Help You Spot Your Strengths.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Most of us could quite easily list those aspects we need to improve on but we often forget to remind ourselves of our strengths which will help position us professionally. Here are our ‘top 5 questions’ to spotting your strengths: What are you naturally good at? What are you […]

10 Top Tips to… Delegating.

Make a plan for the meeting well in advance. Talk to them about their objectives, as well as your own. Focus on the benefits to the other person, not to you. Tell them about the task, how it contributes to corporate goals, and how it fits into the broader scheme of things. Make clear why […]

We can’t go on meeting like this

You probably spend a lot of your time in meetings. There may be many tasks you would like to get on with, but find you have to postpone because of the time you must spend in meetings. There is a fair chance that for at least some of the meetings you currently attend, one of […]

Improve Motivation and Morale in your Organisation

What is motivation ? It includes three common characteristics: It is concerned with what activates human behaviour. It involves what directs this behaviour toward a particular goal. It addresses the question of how this behaviour is sustained (supported). It is important to have a team that is motivated. It will lead to better productivity, lower […]

Employing Graduates: The Benefits and the Future

In my work, I meet a lot of graduates. I help them ensure they present themselves to employers with the right skills, experience and awareness. Working with these often vibrant, enthusiastic people, I have learned that they have a lot to offer future employers. Here are some of the key areas I have found graduates […]

It’s about time!

YESTERDAY is in the bank. Smile and forget it. TOMORROW is a promissory note. Don’t count on it. TODAY is ready cash. Use it! 30 techniques to manage your time effectively Do a Time Log now and then – see where your time goes. Prepare ‘To Do Lists’ at the end of the day. Keep […]