Using the ‘SCAMPER’ Idea-Generating Technique.

In need of new products, services or processes? Need some innovation?

The SCAMPER idea-generating technique is designed to kick-start yours or your teams thought process to arrive at the best idea to go forward with:

  1. Substitute something – Does the existing idea need to be replaced?
  2. Combine it with something else – An additional and progression of an existing idea
  3. Adapt something to it – Could other aspects be modified to your existing idea?
  4. Modify or magnify it – Does the existing idea simply need amended, specialising or manouevring?
  5. Put it to some other use – Could your existing idea work just as well, or better, in some other function?
  6. Eliminate something – Could something be removed from your existing idea to hone it’s speciality or simplify it?
  7. Reverse or rearrange it – Could your existing idea be changed or reversed to refresh it’s function?


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