Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams


It is important to learn how to work effectively with others. It is commonly recognised people like working with people they like and like working with people like them. In our roles, we have to develop and maintain effective relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers. When leading others, it is not about having a particular management or leadership style. Leaders must be chameleons, adjusting their personal style to the individuals that they manage and situations in order to get the best out of each.

As part of the Sheffield City Region Skills Bank Week, BSA Training are running a FREE seminar to help you understand:

  • What makes an effective team and team player
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your team and areas for improvement.
  • How to develop and maintain effective relationships by using a range of communication skills.
  • What is your preferred leadership style and how to flex when dealing with different people, leadership situations and periods of change.
  • A fun, interactive team game to hone the key relationship and communication skills.

The workshops will be fun, interactive and will be practical with lots of opportunity on the day to reflect, discuss and contextualise how they will use ths new learning back in the workplace.