Managing Partnerships – The key to successful partnerships

What is Partnership Working ?

Partnership working is described as two or more organisations working collaboratively in order to achieve a common goal; co-operating, using their individual skills and expertise for mutual benefit.  At BSA Training we work closely with a range of public and private organisations locally, regionally and nationally, including other training providers as part of our associate-based business model.

Why work in Partnership?Like the adage ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, working in partnership can:

  • Increase efficiency due to coordination of tasks
  • Reduce duplication of tasks and effort
  • Improve communication
  • Improve problem-solving as creativity thrives on interaction, with each partner offering differing opinion, skills and expertise
  • Lead to better use of resources as each organisation will have strengths that will compensate and negate another organisation’s weakness

How to select Partner organisations?

During the process of selecting organisations and individuals to work with, it’s vital that you consider what your end goal is, which organisations may help or be affected by the successful or unsuccessful conclusion, and how can you help them and add value to what they want to achieve.  Partnerships should ultimately be mutually beneficial with both sides gaining something from the relationship.

It is important that the partnership organisation share the same core values, such as quality, speed of response, integrity and innovation.  It is important the each organisation does offers a different skill set or expertise to help contribute to the above benefits.

How to make it work for you?

Clearly define what you want to achieve and while your motives may be different ensure that you have an agreed common vision.  Be clear what is expected from each other and responsibilities, utilising the strengths of each organisation.

Communication is key, and It is important there are opportunities for regularly schedules and ongoing dialogue.

From time to time there will be miscommunication; it is unavoidable but by adopting an open and friendly approach, issues will be resolved efficiently. Sometimes Business Partnership don’t live up to the promise and so be prepared to walk away if it is not working out for you.  It is better to end and start again than to force something that is not working.

For BSA Training, Partnership Working has been instrumental in our business success.  Through our Associate model, we have added depth, breadth and strength to our service offer, increased our credibility through association with established organisations, increased referrals with partner organisation advocating our services, learning from Partners through sharing good practice and challenging each other to provide the best service possible.

BSA Training is always looking to work with other organisations so feel free to make contact to explore on how we can support each other.